Free Hosting Myths and Facts

The first myth we must know is: It’s not a good host if it’s free.Fact: Sometimes we are paying for something that could be found for free.Nowadays, au contraire most think, it’s not hard at all to find free decent hosting. All you need is to find a good host directory that possesses an excellent search tool, so we won’t have much trouble browsing across the hosts.Myth: Free Web hosts don’t support any kind of coding besides HTML!Fact: You can find hosts for free that offer, domain/subdomain hosting, cPanel, Fantastico, PHP Hosting, MySQL, CGI/Perl, ASP and almost anything a paid host can offer.You’re probably now asking yourself, how can they provide all this, for free? Well, we certainly know how free hosting is attractive. Usually those web hosts have a lot ads across their own website or also sell paid hosting. Guests looking at a website that contains ads = clicks = Cash. Some eventually sign with paid hosting after they see the quality of the hosting. That’s how they pay their bills.Those Companies usually asks you to be an active member at their forums to keep your account or have strict applications to see which websites are accepted. Those are the top free hosting companies, where you will receive everything you need: no ads, subdomains, addon and parked domains, PHP, MySQL, cPanel, Fantastico, etc.Companies that have instant activation usually offer less resources, like no MySQL databases, no addon/parked domains and no cPanel. Of course, if you just want a blog hosted, you should go with those.Myth: All free web hosts are either slow or clutter your website with ads.Fact: The large free web hosting companies are usually like that, but we are actually aiming for smaller hosts, which brings us to another myth.Myth: Small free web hosts don’t provide good support.Fact: On 90% of the cases the hosts have a forum. The admins frequently visit those forums, so it’s almost sure that you’ll get great and speedy support.Myth: Those free web hosts offer very small webspace amount and don’t allow a lot of extensions.Fact: Believe me, you wouldn’t need so much webpace. In fact, 100 MB of webspace with 3000 MB of Bandwidth should sustain your free hosting website through out the month.I’d like to remind you guys that if you want large resources, you should go to paid hosting. I mean, you can’t get everything for free!I hope I have now cleared all your doubts about Free Web Hosting, I’m sure you won’t have any issue finding a perfect host now. 🙂